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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Reflection on Interlude Retreat

If you have ever had a dream come true, then you have some idea of what I am feeling these days. I have said for years it would be wonderful to have a group of my good friends from all over the country in one place laughing, singing, talking, feasting together. Well, that kind of what happened last week at the first ever "Interlude" retreat for church musicians. We spent three amazing days together digging deep into our needs, wants, frustrations, delights, sorrows, longings, and callings. Paula D'Arcy was one amazing facilitator and I am convinced we all left the experience feeling supported, renewed, and more determined than ever to cultivate emotional and spiritual health. I don't know quite what will happen from here, but I do suspect very strongly that the "Interlude" concept will flourish. There will be many more retreats and perhaps several each year all around the country. Whatever happens with "Interlude" I know this: that I am more intent than ever about finding rest, silence, laughter, and time for prayer in all it's many forms. Thanks to Calvin College, to all the participants, to Bev and Dave Vander Molen, and to all of you who supported with your prayers and thoughts.

By the way, the new podcast is up now and it's called "For Somebody Else to Sing" and it features several artists for whom I have written, arranged, and produced. Maybe you will be my next client. Ever think about doing your own CD? Enjoy these late August days. For some of you the Fall is already beginning. For some it will happen big time in September. I hope that your life will have time in it for delight, laughter, silence and of course lots and lots of music, some of it mine.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


reflection on upcoming retreat

In a couple of days, I will be closed up with 18 friends who are all deeply involved in the ministry of music in the church. They are also people who have been at it for a while. Our little retreat called "Interlude" taking place at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, is I believe the first of it's kind. When people get to their rooms, there will be a book in which to journal, delicious chocolate for them to eat, and many other very special welcome gifts. The room where we meet will be alive with flowers and other artistic eye pleasers. Everything will be done in such a way as to make people feel that they are the most important folks in the whole world. I want to thank my co-workers Bev and Dave Vander Molen for their hard work on this project. It strikes me that the little details are so very important and often lost in the rush. Whether we are talking about the details of recording a song, writing a letter, preparing a room, fixing a meal, making people welcome, lighting a concert, arranging a holiday, or filming a moment in history, the little details are so very important. Thanks, friends, for that reminder and may we all pay more attention to the little things- they really do matter. I'll report after the retreat.