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Sunday, March 15, 2009


A reflection on the new podcast for March 15th

One of my dearest friends had told me that if there were a single text of mine that would qualify as Medema 1:1 it would be this one; "Finding leads to losing, Losing lets you find, Living leads to dying, and life leaves death being. Losing leads to finding, there's nothing more to say, no one will find life another way" .

I suppose there is no more potent word from Jesus than that one about losing and finding. You could live your whole life discovering the meanings and ramifications of that business. It relates to all the letting go that we continue to need to do all our lives; letting go of pride, misconceptions, lies we love, destructive cultural expectations, and the list could go one forever. It also relates to all that we might find in the process; rest, new purpose, some peace, forgiven relationships, new freedom in partnerships. All this was going through my mind as I created the new podcast "Losing and Finding" which goes on line today.

Quite clearly, I didn't talk about all this,I mostly just presented music around the theme. It is my hope that people who hear the podcast will do some of the thinking necessary around this theme. One doesn't even begin to scratch the top layer of the outside skin of the surface of this subject in a podcast, a book, a career in theology, or a life time. This is big stuff, the biggest. This is world changing stuff. Oh, that we could begin to makes friends with it.


  1. How interesting to find this this morning. I've been "in cleaning mode" today. Bustling around my small apartment and busily making things tidy in the attempt to find a center and a sanity amid the chaos (of home and world and life). I've been listening to Sunday Afternoon (still one of my favorite albums) and when There's a Turning came on in simply stopped me in my tracks. What a song for the times!!!!

    To then turn to your blog, only to find a reference to our new podcast with There's a Turning on it.... Well...

    We always need the leaning... but in the turning we need it more.

    We do indeed.

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  3. Just in case you're interested... I have reignited my speaklo blog with a sort of review/tribute to Sunday Afternoon.

    You can find it at

    Thanks for helping me hold on.

  4. The original riddles which emphasizes finding leads to losing is the ultimate Ken medema arrangement