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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A reflection on a song and a question

My son was a "Why" kid. From the age of about 2 until about 5 or so, no matter what instruction was given, what food was offered, what plans were made, there was always and forever the question, "Why?" Every answer brought another "Why?" Many of you know that picture so very well. As annoying as it is, we would not ever want our children to stop asking, "Why?",would we?

What happens when they stop asking questions and just go about their lives either accepting or ignoring the world around them? What happens to a culture when it stops asking "Why" and simply accepts or ignores the world around it? How many people are impatient with the "Whys" of this current financial crisis and simply want to race to the solutions?

Just fix it! Don't bug me with reasons. How many people in churches don't really want to know the "Whys" of trying to interpret holy scripture? They just want a quick answer, a principle, a rule. I must admit that I fall into bad habits more often than I would like. I don't take the time for "Whys" when I really should. I tend to want to rush to the answer or solution or practical application. For this, I ask forgiveness. I think perhaps the word why is one of the most important words in any language.

This past weekend, I had a chance to work with some amazing kids and we sang a song called "The Wonder of Why" which is both a children's choral piece and a solo piece on my "Kids' Play" CD. The piece is funny and fun to sing, but it also celebrates the importance of questioning.

I recommend it to you. You can find it as a free download on the website for a couple of weeks in it's children's choir form. Enjoy and keep questioning, it's good for us.

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  1. Children who ask "Why?" are showing signs of creative genius / intelligence.