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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hope Stories in a New Year

Alright. . .so here's what I'm looking for; stories, it's all about stories.

You know that I am a story teller and that my sense of my vocation has as much to do with telling stories as making music. You saw the posts about what people did with the 10 dollars we put in their hands last year. This time, I'm looking for stories in response to these crazy times in which we live. Lots of people have simply become discouraged, given in to depression, or tried to just hang on to the remnants of their former lifestyle. Other people have been very creative as to how they would or are dealing with the economic down turn in their own changing financial situation.

It's those creative stories that I want to hear.
Have families decided to move in together?
Have people found ways to share appliances and other resources?
Has your church found a way to say yes to increased ministry while saying no to more spending?
Would you say that their are changes for you which bring you back to a life more simple then before?
Have you found ways to make transportation less expensive and more communal?
Are there way in which less has become more?

I find myself thinking a lot about the years when my family lived with several other families in a big house and shared all our resources. I almost wish I could do that again and who knows-- it just might happen.

At any rate I want stories. I think that in the next year or so there need to be a lot of new songs written about these hope stories. I want to commit myself to writing some of these songs and I want the stories to come from friends along the way. If there is a story please send it to and I thank you in advance for being a part of what might become exciting new songs!

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