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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


after hearing the Lincoln Memorial Concert

Like millions of others, I simply had to hear the Lincoln Memorial concert this past Sunday. I knew I would enjoy the show and would love the music, but I didn't expect the rest of what happened and is still happening.

I have had a strong sense of revival and reconnection to my calling. When I see what a powerful thing music is in helping us to be reminded of our dreams, yearnings, and goals for ourselves, I realize that I often think much too little of what I myself am called to do. Just as those artists were given the opportunity, not only to celebrate a moment in history but also to call the people to a vision of America, which can so easily be forgotten in the rush of every day business; so I believe I am called to do something similar in the religious community or, in fact, anywhere I happen to be working. In my deepest heart, I believe that music has the power to touch us and bring us to a new awareness of our "bound-togetherness" in the human community. I find myself obsessing now about what I am to do to seek to create a musical environment where people who come to my party can discover again some dreams, a connection to their religious heritage and a renewed sense of compassion and passion for life.

What will all this mean next week when I start singing again, I'm not quite sure but I know that there is a mission here and I am asking to be grasped by it and to understand what it is so that people who let me sing for them will be awakened---- even just a little.

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