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Saturday, February 7, 2009


A reflection on Churches in transition. . .

It really matters how we tell a story, does it not? I visit churches regularly who tell me, "We're having to cut back, lay off, etc. " Is there not another way to tell that story? "We are in the process of changing from a dependency on one kind of resource to an expanded use of another."

Every church where I have worked has an abundance of resources that are often not counted when it comes to deciding what to do in these troubling times. There are people with energy to do everything from making food, to providing transportation, to home repair, to helping with other tasks which would otherwise have to be paid for. If churches could get just a little bit of the spirit of the first few chapters of the book of Acts, it might be quite amazing what would happen. I think it is high time that in the community of faith we get really serious about increasing our use of non-pecuniary resources. So many people who have taken trips abroad have seen this kind of resource us in churches in very poor countries.

Maybe it's time to learn from these communities and build something new with the abundance of resources within and between us.

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  1. How very true! At any time, God has all the monetary (and other) resources of the universe, and has promised us what we NEED. What we need are the tools to do His will, which is to love one another. Instead of worrying or complaning because God chooses to allow us a different "mix" of resources than we are perhaps used to, or comfortable with, why not rejoice in what we have, and look for new ways to use it to love Him, each other, and further His kingdom? One pastor I know always said, "Don't do anything alone if you can do it with someone else." "Serving others, not coming to be served, is the point of church". And finally "People are not to get programs done - the programs are to get the people done." Keep singing, Ken, your friends are praying for you.