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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reality, Religion, Revival

A reflection on a recent engagement

Once in a while, I get to be a part of a convention in the world of business that sends my heart leaping into places of delight and surprise. One of those events is the annual "Family Reunion" of the Keller Williams Reality organization. Keller Williams International has branches all round the US and beyond our borders. Each year thousands of agents gather to be trained, inspired, affirmed and sent on their way to be messengers of hope and goodwill in their towns and cities.

The final session in this convention is an '"Inspirational Prayer Brunch" which is attended by several thousand people. Prayers are said representing Jewish, Hindu, Moslem, and Christian faiths. These are followed by several stories of people both inside and beyond the organization who have done heroic, selfless, and sometimes world changing things.

Each year I am privileged to listen to these amazing stories and respond with improvised songs. It is a highlight for me and I always go away with new vigor and commitment to my work. I also got to accompany a fine singer, Rochelle Ellis from Princeton, NJ with her own versions of inspirational songs.

This year our little company decided to put together a special CD called "I Want Home" featuring a collection of songs all focusing around the need for, and the delight in home. Some of the songs are on other CDs and some are not. My favorite contribution to this collection is a song called "With Open Hands". It was composed for KW Cares which is a foundation that Keller Williams supports and administers and whose purpose is to find needs in communities and fill those needs. We have decided to continue to sell the CD online and perhaps at other occasions because 50 percent of the $20 dollar selling price will go to this foundation.

Every day we hear about foreclosures, job loses, tent cities, savings lost, and the news goes on and on. I want desperately to be a part, even a tiny part, of the solution. You can buy "I Want Home" in our website store and help me help somebody to find home, help, hope, and heart again.

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  1. Ken, you deserve to know and I want the world to hear, too. Our choir just did the song that begins with the words "Open my eyes that I can see". This song along with River in Judea was sung for the district north Alabama "Kudzu", Christie Hill, choir director, directing.

    Ken, I'm 71, been singing in various choirs all my life. Want you to know, when our choir sang your song, there was such vibrancy and power, such unity and power in voice, was like God's Holy Spirit had taken over and as a choir we no longer were our own but God's express instrument for petition and praise. The word awe-filled comes to mind. At the end the congregation shouted.

    To this day I am moved in my heart at the ministry, the eloquence, the simplicy, and power your music brings. I trust such will ever be so.

    Our regional minister, John Mobley, remarked to several, my wife included, that this recent district meeting was the best he's ever experienced. John made a special point of alluding to the music.

    Just wanted to give you a hug, brother, express appreciation, give God the glory, and encourage you and all.

    In Christ,

    Mack Vann/Storyteller