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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Old Stories Made New

The end-of-year holidays are coming around again and I am glad to have "The Littlest Angel” on my CD table this year. When my friend, Eileen MacDargh, approached me with the idea of producing a CD with the reading of the Charles Tazewell story, I was quickly captured by the idea. The story is about this clumsy, lonely little angel who can't find an elegant gift for the Christ child so he offers the humble play things that gave him comfort as a human child. His gift, of course, is chosen to become the star that lights the way to the manger.

When Tazewell's friend and copy write holder heard our recording, she gave us another of his stories, "The Littlest Snowman", and we recorded that as well. The reading of the stories is accompanied by music and song. I think it's a great way to plan some sweet family time during the holiday season. Start by listening to one of these stories and build on the experience by finding other stories to read and things to talk about. I would love see people take 20 minutes each day in December to hang out with family for a time of story telling. To buy "The Littlest Angel" CD, go to my website and find it in the store.

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