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Friday, November 21, 2008

'Tis a Gift to be Simple

Many of us know that old shaker hymn "'tis a gift to be simple". I have loved it for years. This year I am building my advent concerts around the idea of simple gifts. In these times I think it is absolutely crucial that we find gifts to give each other stretch our imagination beyond just spending more money. I have already suggested the 20 minute storytelling time for families using both recorded and read stories and also stories told or made up by members of the family.

What about the gift of time, what about the gift of my hands to help you with work around your house? What about the gift of twelve dinners brought to your - one each month? What about the gift of my presence to a lonely relative? What about the gift of going with you on that walk which you so desperately need to get your exercise?

I want to focus my shows this season on stories of simple gifts. Perhaps we can help each other to reinvent Christmas giving just a little bit. Don't forget that personal songs are still available for a couple of weeks. Go to and click on Personal Songs.

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  1. The personal song is a great gift--our parents play theirs over and over again. Thanks, Ken.